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Five Tips for Tree Removal

Dec 15

Five Tips for Tree Removal

Tree removal is dangerous work that requires highly trained personnel and specialized equipment.

A professional arborist will inspect your tree thoroughly to determine whether removal is necessary. These tips will help you to make the best decision possible for you and your tree.

You should not consider removal as a last resort

Sometimes, the only option is to remove the tree. Well-maintained trees not only add beauty and value to your property but also contribute to the local ecology.

Tree-workers are not all specialists. A contractor might recommend that a tree be removed if there are other ways to save the tree.

Tree specialists are often able to diagnose and treat many issues that would otherwise need to be cut down.

Tree removal experts

It is important to compare apples with apples when you hire a contractor. There are several ways to cut down trees, and prices can vary accordingly. Daytona Tree removal is done efficiently by professional arborists who are familiar with the best methods to protect your landscaping and neighboring trees.

It depends on the type and location of the tree that you are trying to remove. This can sometimes prove costly and difficult. A company that simply cuts the tree at its base and allows it to fall free will cost less but cause more damage to your property.

Heavy storms can cause a large demand for qualified tree specialists to remove trees or takedown damaged branches. Don't be fooled by people offering tree work door-to-door. Certified arborists and other degreed foresters don't practice this.

Hire a tree specialist who is familiar with industry safety standards to protect your assets and yourself.

Restrictions on Tree Removal

Green trees and red tape. The homeowner may not be able to decide whether to remove a tree from their property. Tree removal is often regulated by localities and counties. This can require permits and inspections before a tree can ever be removed.

All removals may need to be approved by homeowners' associations. Reputable tree services companies can assist homeowners in obtaining the required permits and organizing a schedule for removal.

Stump, Lumber, and Tree Removal

A professional tree company should remove the stump to keep your yard clear of long-standing eyesores. Make sure to include stump removal in your estimate.

A majority of companies will offer homeowners several options when it comes to lumber. The homeowner can have the tree cut to the size that will be suitable for their firewood. Or, the wood can be used on-site by a chipper.

Ask your professional about the costs and options.

Trees on a Neighbor's Property

Trees and limbs can fall on property, causing damage that isn't limited to the property owner. Experts recommend asking for a certified letter from your neighbor to remove a tree that poses a danger.

If the tree does cause damage to your property, the letter can be used as evidence in the insurance claims process.


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