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Dec 27

Homeowners should be aware of  San Antonio tree surgeons accidents

  • A 56-year-old man died after falling from a ladder.
  • "44-year-old died after falling from a tree"
  • "Man working alone fell and died of head injuries"
  • "tree sprang back, and killed him"

These are just a few of the many injuries that tree work can cause. Statistics show that tree work is associated with the most fatalities and serious injuries, including those caused by chainsaw operations, falling from trees or branches, and also with major deaths.

Tree surgery can be dangerous. You've probably seen a tragic story in the newspaper or on TV. Sometimes, a day spent making the garden a better place can end in the destruction of lives. These injuries and deaths can occur to professionals, but amateurs can increase the risk of an accident if they use dangerous equipment.

Think about it: No one would ever dream of going on a deep-sea arctic trawler unless they were able to catch a crab using a string from a beach pier.

Tree work is dangerous. Tree surgery can be dangerous and a liability.

You are gambling if you allow an unqualified, uninsured person to perform tree surgery on your property. You:

  • Increase the chance of injury or accident
  • You will have a greater chance of being held legally responsible for an accident. Property owners have a common-law duty of care "to avoid acts and omissions that they can reasonably foresee could injure their neighbor'

Garden risk management

The statistics on accidents involving work at heights or with chainsaws are alarming.

Safety is achieved by having competent staff and extensive experience. Here's how to distinguish between a professional, low-risk approach and an amateur, high-risk approach.

What is safe tree surgery?

These are the most important safety factors that reduce risk, liability and the chance of an accident.

  • The first site survey - Everything starts with a plan. A tree assessment is required. We'll gladly come out to assess your job and advise you if it is a job that needs professional attention. We will do a risk assessment, plan our work and make recommendations.
  • Professionals are best for aerial tree work.
  • Groundwork - As hazardous as working in trees. Gravitation and falling wood can cause a lot of harm.
  • Avoid solo working. It is crucial to be able to reach others in case of an accident
  • Training - No one goes to see just because they can catch crabs from the pier.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Essential
  • Escape routes - Planned prior to any chainsaw or other equipment being turned on

Tree work has resulted in 60 deaths between April 2000 and March 2013. Many more were injured, and their families were lost forever.

Tree Trimming San Antonio is not a fan of drama, but this is serious business. This little wake-up call could convince you to give us a call and put down your DIY chainsaw.

Imagine your garden as a beautiful future.

We want to see your work, but we also want you to be safe. We hope you find this helpful. It's all about preparation and planning.


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