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Dec 29

Tree Shaping

Although fall is evidently here, we aren’t quite there yet despite the fact we are experiencing slightly cooler temperatures.


The term "Espalier", as it is also known, refers to the ancient practice of attaching and trimming branches to a frame in order to manage woody plant growth for fruit production. These trees are often taught in flat, 2-dimensional forms. They are then fashioned into formal designs against her structures, such as a wall or building. These can be used for ornamental purposes as well as for gardening in a small area.


This is a great way to train a fruit or decorative tree. But it's not the only way to shape a tree. Topiary shaping is the art of carving ornaments and forms into trees and shrubs to create living sculptures. These are mainly evergreen bushes so the design can be used throughout the year.


Tree shaping has many benefits, regardless of whether you are looking to make a topiary or just tidy up a tree.


  • Tree shaping has five benefits, the first being aesthetics.

The Pacific Northwest is surrounded by greenery, so a well-kept garden is a must. Tree shaping is one of the first impressions your home may make on others. It is visually pleasing, appealing to the eyes, and can even induce a feeling of awe depending on its shape.


  • . Environment friendly

Topiary trees, while being good for the environment are even more important. You can help create a healthier oxygen supply in your community by incorporating them into the landscape. While any tree can help, this will create beautiful landscapes.


  • There are many options.

It doesn't matter if you are forming a fruit tree or a topiary. You can make any shape you want from any deciduous or evergreen tree. Boxwood is a great container topiary option for shrubs. Arborvitae makes excellent evergreen topiaries, as well as climbing bushes such as Virginia creepers and wisteria.


  • Tree shaping has five benefits: Value is one.

Tree shaping can increase your home's value and enhance its curb appeal. People will stop to admire your beautifully designed trees. Although it may take some time for your trees to reach their full potential they can be beautiful trees if you get started now.


  • Ingenuity.

We are quite creative in the Pacific Northwest. Topiary design and tree shaping have become an art form. Your imagination is free to run wild.


To create an exceptional environment for your property, and to increase its visual appeal, you can shape your trees using tree service Washington DC.


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