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Mar 1

Tree Service Specialists

Reasons to Use a Tree & Stump Removing Service for Your Residential and Commercial Property:

An unsightly stump from a tree can become more than an eyesore in your home or office. It can pose a risk to visitors who may trip on it, or even get hurt. You can also damage your lawnmower, other yard equipment, and it can be a danger if you do not notice its presence or fail to see the roots. The stump may become more rotted or old and can attract pests and insects to your house.

That is something that San Antonio residents agree would be best to avoid...

Instead of allowing stumps and trees to grow into a problem, call our trusted tree service professionals to manage all tree work on the property. Our tree service specialists know that good landscaping maintenance will keep your investment in place and show that you care about the beauty of your property. We provide reliable tree removal services. You can always rely on us for stump removal, tree grinding, or tree trimming.

These are the problems you might face if stumps, ineligible or unstable trees are allowed to remain.

  • Stumps can block areas of your lawn that could be used to increase its beauty or productivity. Instead of an unsightly tree base with roots, other plants can be planted, such as a patio or a gazebo.
  • Termites and ants may make their home in the stump. They can then move to your building or home. If the stump is contaminated with harmful fungi, it can spread to other trees on your property.
  • Some stubborn trees and shrubs can re-grow from a stump. The stump will be reseeded, so you will need to trim it again and again.

What To Expect From Our Professional Tree Service Company

If you attempt to remove trees on your own, it is possible to cause injury. Tree Trimming San Antonio is the tree service expert in San Antonio. To safely and successfully manage the situation for your property. Our tree company has the experience, training, and equipment to remove all trees and leave no ugly stumps.


Instead of random trees becoming unruly, obstructive, and threatening your home, we are your San Antonio tree services specialists. We can help you have trees that will enhance your property and improve your landscaping. We are happy and able to provide free estimates for any tree problems in your yard.

You Can Count on Us For Quality Tree Care in San Antonio

We have many reasons why you can trust us to provide quality tree care services in San Antonio. Our clients trust us and have helped us grow the company. We have spent time studying how to manage and nurture a professional tree-care team, including arborists and other safety certifications. We can help you maintain your trees' health or tell when they need to be completely disposed of. We have all the tools and skills to complete your tree care job.

We've all heard stories of people who attempt to do tree work on their own, or worse yet, hire inexperienced volunteers. These situations can end up causing serious damage. Don't allow this to happen to you. It would be safer for you to leave it to our tree experts to work safely and efficiently on your property, home, and loved ones.

Hire Our Tree Service Experts to Improve Your Property

We put a lot of effort into tree work because we care about San Antonio. We know the tree varieties in this area so we can assist you in finding the best services for both residential and commercial properties. We can also recommend how to best care for other greenery and when it should be trimmed or removed.

Our tree service company can help you with any questions you may have about trimming or removing your trees. Please call the number below to receive expert assistance.


Tree Trimming San Antonio

1700 Jackson Keller Rd. #704 San Antonio TX 78213

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