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Tree Pruning & Trimming

Mar 25

1st Tree Service provides traditional tree care. Regular professional trimming will help ensure your trees grow at an even pace. If done correctly, it can give your trees a boost in safety and health over the years. Our team can trim your trees using trimming techniques that will provide them with regular grooming sessions. Our arborists have the certification to keep your trees healthy and neat. They won't over-trim trees to cause tree decay.

Before trimming, Assess Your Tree

Before trimming trees, we inspect them thoroughly. If a tree isn't trimmed properly, on the right schedule, or too often, it can die quickly. It is a good idea for certified arborists to inspect your tree and decide the best treatment. If we conduct a thorough evaluation, we can make sure that your trees get the best possible service.

Tree Trimming

Regular trimming is a great way to maintain their beauty and health. Regular trimming removes unwanted branches and limbs that can hinder your tree’s natural development. Trees that have been damaged, or which have dried out, can be removed to allow for new growth. Expert trimming is a great way to stop pests and insects clustering in dead or dying flowers or leaves. Trees can become infected with bacteria or other disease-causing fungal diseases. This can be prevented by trimming the affected branches. Tree trimming and pruning can help to preserve their natural structure and make them more appealing from the outside.

Cleaning Process

After trimming your trees successfully, we will clean up all waste and debris from your landscaping. We will do the job in a systematic way to ensure your lawn is free from external buildup. Regularly cleaning up your yard will reduce the risk of pests developing around the trunk base. This includes complete trimming. You don't even have to move a single muscle because we have it all.

The appearance and function of Trimmed Trees

The attractiveness of your trees can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your landscape. Untidy, diseased or overgrown trees can make your property look messy and pose a danger to your safety. Tree maintenance should be a priority. If your tree needs trimming, we are the company to call. Our experience and proven methods allow us to guarantee top-quality results. Our arborists can assist in trimming branches and limbs that could be blocking pedestrians' paths, buildings, or streets. This will help prevent any potential accidents. Trimming your tree will give it a beautiful appearance and make it perform at its best.