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Tree Trimming & Pruning 

Mar 25

Tree trimming is an important part of tree health. Tree trimming can be dangerous if done by untrained and inexperienced people. They will claim that your trees don’t need trimming. They will tell you that your trees don't need trimming. However, almost all tree species can benefit from regular and thorough trimming. They may promise to trim your trees but will not do it on time. Portland Tree Service needs to have scientific knowledge and precision. Portland Tree Service employs a team that is highly skilled in trimming. Our staff can trim your trees to ensure that they grow and remain balanced. Unbalanced trees can cause many problems. Clients claimed their lawn wouldn’t grow under their tree. Although it was easy, it can be difficult to notice if you're not trained to. The shade provided by the tree covered their lawn. The tree was blocking grass growth underneath. The problem was solved with a simple trimming and redistribution of energy.

It is recommended that your trees be trimmed at the least three times per calendar year. This will ensure your trees grow healthy and well. Being more attentive will make tree-related problems less likely. Our arborists can work with any type of tree and will advise you on how best to manage them. Many self-proclaimed experts forget this. Before you hire a company, do your research. Online reviews will be plentiful about our tree trimming services. We are loved by our customers and they give us credit for keeping their trees on the right track.

Let's discuss pruning. This is a great choice for those who don't like to trim a lot. You might not have a large yard that has many trees. Maybe you have a small yard that only has a handful of trees. Tree trimming can seem excessive for smaller trees. There is a foolproof way to get rid of this problem. It's called pruning. Pruning can be an alternative to trimming. Pruning is far simpler, more cost-effective, and takes much less time. Pruning your garden doesn't require heavy-duty tools. Pruning is more gentle than trimming. We recommend that you trim your yard a bit more frequently than you would trim. Pruning is recommended for those who are unable to trim.

We encourage you to call us immediately to schedule your trim service for the quarter. Portland Tree Service recommends that you book in advance to get special incentives. If you have questions regarding pricing, we can provide an estimate. Investing in trees is key to long-term success. Your lawn will make neighbors jealous.